IT Projects Manager & Technical Leader
Microsoft .NET Senior Software Architect
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
+20 years of experience

Address :Paris, France
« Plan, animate, design, develop and progress together because there is no wealth without men or success without teams... »

Skills Summary :

IT Projects management, planning and technical supervision.
Customer needs analysis and translation into technical specifications.
Functional and technical specifications writing.
Application architecture definition.
Complex business modules design and development.
Standards of code quality and development definition.
Proof of Concepts design and development.
IT processes quality implementation and deliverables follow-up.
Software Engineering Procedures (SEP) processes establishment.
Electronic Documents Management & dematerialization processes establishment.

Profile Strong Points :

Offshore Project Management. Strong adaptability.
Microsoft Certified (MCP) in .NET development since 2004.
Trilingual with a good English level.